About LizC864

I am a 56 year old housewife who enjoys beading, crocheting, knitting, & a few various games. On this site you will find info, links, & anything else I can think of that has to do mostly with the things I do & enjoy. I hope you enjoy your stay & if you'd like to get in touch, I can be found as LizC864 on most social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc.

Crochet: I started crocheting when I was 13 & haven't stopped since. My grandmother & I were in a store called Valley Fair & I was upstairs wandering around in the toy section while she shopped downstairs for household items. I passed some yarn & for some reason I just had to have it. I had no idea what I would do with it, but it was so pretty! I bought the yarn, taught myself to crochet, & the rest is history. I still crochet today every chance I get & I still have the same problem with seeing yarn & wanting it (no matter how much I already have).
Knitting became a hobby a few years after crocheting. It just looked so difficult that I kept putting it off. I think I was about 16 or so by the time I got up the courage to try it & I was horrible at it. The only reason I stuck with it & kept trying was because knitted items were SO beautiful & I figured if I could crochet, I SHOULD be able to figure out knitting ... eventually ... which I did. All of my crocheted & knitted items can be found in my Etsy store. Just search for LizC864.
Minecraft: I'm not that much of a gamer. I prefer to spend my time doing things that produce something ... afghans, sweaters, scarves, hats, money ... but I have played some games from time to time. I like Civ V, GTA V, Risk, & a couple others, Sims 3 is a really big one with me, but Minecraft really got to me. I remember the kids were playing it for years before I was & they kept telling me that I just HAD to try this game. I took one look at it & started laughing at the big, blocky, 1980s-style graphics. No ... there's no way I'm playing that. It looks stupid compared to the other games on the market. Well, we had a 3-day blackout a few years back & on the 2nd day we decided to try to slide sideways (very carefully & slowly) up into town to go to Denny's & charge our damn phones. We stopped 1st at WalMart & I decided a laptop would be a nice thing to have about now, so we bought the best laptop they had available in that store & then we went to Denny's where I charged it up. I realized that downloading all of my Sims 3 games with expansion & stuff packs would take days, so I needed something else to do on there once we got home. But what to play on it to pass the time? Both kids yelled "Minecraft" simultaneously. Well, damn. Oh well, I guess it's better than just sitting in the dark staring at the wall & we had no Internet, so I needed SOMETHING to do. I downloaded & installed Minecraft. That stupid blocky looking thing. When we got home, I started playing it & I haven't stopped since. It became one of my all-time favorite games. I still play it almost every day if I can. I have been running a Minecraft server on & off for over 4 years now. I currently have my own ModPack on Twitch that can be found by searching for LizC864. I also have a whitelisted Minecraft server that matches the ModPack & if you head over to Patreon you can get whitelisted for only $1/mo.
Sims 3: I've been playing this game almost since it came out. I saw it & fell in love with it. I'm not even going to get into why, I'd be here all day. :) As for Sims 4 ... Ick! Same complaint about Civ VI, but also add the fact that they REMOVED so much from the gameplay that I wish I didn't waste my money on it.